Oystercams.com DMCA notice

DMCA Notice

Oystercams.com respects the intellectual property rights of owners and doesn't steal webcam models' content. It uses data which are provided by the cam companies where models' content was generated or uploaded.

  • Our website promotes webcam streams to a wider audience and helps cam models to attract new users and fans.
  • We don't host/distribute models' live video streams. The live streams of shows are hosted by the cam companies.
  • We are not recording live webcam shows. They are automatically collected from tube sites via API.
  • All model content displayed on model profile pages including nickname, profile picture, tags etc. is legally obtained by as a marketing partner of the cam companies.
  • All content on this website is used pursuant to the terms of service of the respective cams companies of the models employed by them. We fully comply with the Digital Millennium Copywrite Act.

    If you are a cam model who's content is on our website be aware that per the terms of service of your employing webcam company, we are within our rights to use your content to promote your live streams and bring you a wider audience.

    However, if you have stopped camming, you can inform us and we will remove your content. Email to support@oystercams.com.